18 things you only know if you went to Parkside Sixth

Your years of studying may be far behind you, but you never forget the time you spent at sixth form.

If you went to Parkside Sixth, Im sure you remember those days of tea in the common room or going to the Grafton Centre in your free periods.

And although youre off doing bigger and better things with your life now, there are several things only know if you went to Parkside.

1. Going to get fish and chips at the Catch every day. Nothing makes a long day better than some chips.

2. Or going to Kymmoy for some Chinese. £5.95 lunch box deal? Cant say no to that.

3. Or getting a Boots meal deal every day. Sandwich, crisps, and a drink for a reasonable price. What more could you want?

The place where meal deal dreams come true

4. When someone asks you what A-Levels you do, and you have to explain to them what the International Baccalaureate is.

5. …or you tell them you do BTEC and they have the nerve to tell you A-Levels are more difficult. Just because you dont have exams doesnt mean its all fun and games.

6. “The slides are on Edmodo.” “Details are on Edmodo. “Check out Edmodo for more information.” How did anyone ever function before Edmodo?

7. If you did the IB, you got your results in July, a month earlier than the A-Level students. Clearing only opened on A-Level results day, but that gave you a month to prepare and relax if you didnt get the grades you wanted. Clearing stress?

8. Trying to figure out how to spell baccacaulelauriate every time you have to write it out.

9. Having most of your classes in a building that doesnt look like a school. The Eden centre looks more like someones house than a place for lessons.

The Eden Centre at Parkside Sixth (Image: Alya Zayed)

10. If you had class at Coleridge, getting there was such a trek. People have had easier and shorter journeys walking from the Shire to Mordor. Might as well stay in the common room and take a nap.

11. Speaking of which, sleeping in the common room between class between class was totally acceptable. It wasnt unusual to see sixth formers passed out on the sofa after an all-nighter.

12. Or having a very intense table football match in the basement.

13. Or youd get a cheeky drink at the Free Press if you were one of the lucky ones who turned 18 early.

14. It wasnt unusual to get up to make a cup of tea and have to make about 50 for everyone else sat in the cRead More

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