Cyclist’s fury at ‘terrible’ Cambridge road where bikes and cars come head-to-head

The addition of parking bays on either side of an already busy Cambridge road has been described simply as "terrible" by one local.

Thomas Talibudeen, 30, commutes along Coleridge Road most days and said: "It's making it more dangerous for anyone using that road.

"You have instances where you have cars going head-on while they're trying to get around parked cars, and you get cyclists overtaking cars and then people overtaking the cyclists…

"The number of times I've been almost knocked off my bike is countless."

Thomas drives as well as cycles, so he sees the dangers from both perspectives and has tried to reach out to the local council about the issue.

The parking bays were introduced as part of a resident parking scheme to give residents priority parking while also taking into account local businesses and community facilities.

Thomas Talibudeen, 30, commutes along Coleridge Road most days (Image: Thomas Talibudeen)

When the plans were announced they were branded as "completely crazy", with one resident saying it would endanger pedestrians and cyclists and wouldn't leave enough space for vehicles to pass safely.

Emma Rose, a local resident, spoke to Cambridgeshire Live back in October 2018 before the bays were introduced. At the time she said: "You've only got to go down there to see the potential chaos… It just seems completely crazy."

Emma went on to say: "The mayhem me and my neighbour are seeing on a daily basis is simply staggering."

(Image: Thomas Talibudeen)

A spokesperson from Cambridgeshire County Council responded to the complaints at the time, saying: "The proposed parking plans for Coleridge West were subject to a public consultation in autumn 2017 and as a result of the positive feedback received (53 per cent of those who responded), moved to the statutory stage in June 2018.

"This new scheme, shaped by informal discussions with local members and residents to fit the local needs, gives residents priority parking in their area while Read More – Source