Days Gone Free PS4 game add-ons available from PlayStation Store before release

Grab this free Days Gone PS4 content available from PS Store before the game launches (Pic: Sony)

With Days Gone revving its engine for a April 26th launch, Sony is giving away some free content to celebrate the launch of its latest PlayStation exclusive.

Those who log onto the PlayStation Store can download a care package of free Days Gone goodies, including a limited-time PSN avatar and a new dynamic theme.

This particular theme shows Deacon St. John in the saddle of his Drifter bike, trying to escape a wolf corrupted by the Freaker virus, referred to as “Runners” in-game.

As with most dynamic themes there are some subtle visual effects as well as music, Sony having recently released one to celebrate God of Wars first anniversary.

The Days Gone theme features icons that have been fashioned to look like the kind of patches youd find on a biker jacket with a theme from the games soundtrack playing in the background.

Theres a free avatar also to be had and help your PSN profile stand out, especially if youre one of the many prospective Days Gone fans out there.

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However, despite being free, there may be a potential roadblock youll need to overcome in order to get your hands on these PS4 freebies.

Although you dont have to pre-order the game, you will need to access the Days Gone “Countdown to Launch” page being hosted on the official PlayStation site.

From here, scroll towards the bottom of the page where you will find a link to claim your countdown rewards (you can also enter the sweepstakes for a cute but deadly Rager plushy).

Note that in order to do this you will first need a PlayStation Network account tied to the United States/Canada region.

With that said, those in the UK and other territories can still get their Days Gone goodies by signing up for a U.S. PlayStation Network account – its much easier than you think.

The countdown site will provide a 12-digit code that needs to be redeemed va the PRead More – Source