Fed up driver says Bar Hill traffic is ‘a danger to life’ and ‘absolute hell’

There's been traffic chaos around Bar Hill after a new bridge has opened as part of the A14 Improvement Scheme.

Drivers have become frustrated as the new layout of the A14 at junction 29 for Bar Hill has been causing "total gridlock" in the area.

Although the new bridge opened on Monday, problems with the temporary traffic lights have caused long queues.

The new layout is also causing traffic around the Bar Hill Tesco.

A Willingham resident, who drives to Addenbrooke's for work but asked to remain anonymous, said: "I got stuck at the traffic lights and there I sat and sat and sat. No one was moving.

"The three-way traffic lights on Bar Hill bridge haven't been working properly.

"It's near the new bridge that opened on Monday and it's causing absolute hell – people are getting so stressed.

"It's just crazy. It's a danger to life and it needs to change.

A14 at Bar Hill (Image: Cambridge News)

"God help an ambulance or fire engine if they need to get through in that area because it's just totally gridlocked.

"At five o'clock (yesterday, June 11), the Bar Hill Tesco car park was totally gridlocked.

"I feel really sorry for people who are living in Bar Hill. Some people are saying it's so bad they can't turn into their own road.

Before work was completed in the area, concerns were raised about the impact on traRead More – Source

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