Suspected drug dealer caught up in Cambridge blitz wearing wrong shoes

A suspected dealer was shamed by police on social media when he tried to make his getaway in the wrong shoes during a drug blitz in Cambridge.

Police are continuing to crack down on 'county lines' dealing in which gangs from London and other major cities flood Cambridge to sell crack cocaine and heroin.

The latest string of arrests comes two months after the Cambridgeshire Constabulary announced it would ramp up the war on drugs in partnership with other local agencies and lay siege to the gangs behind the scourge that can tear communities apart.

Officers said drug dealers were taking to the streets because of police action against dealing from private homes.

Sergeant Shawn Emms said officers are seeing a move away from cuckooing, where dealers use a vulnerable addict's home to sell drugs, and more towards “traditional street-based dealing”.

Slider shame on social media

A 'slider' sandal (Image: Shared Content Unit)

Suspected street dealers have been targeted by officers who later used social media to shame them.

One suspected dealer was ridiculed for trying to make a run for it while wearing slider type sandals.

Suspected drugs seized by police

On the Policing Cambridge City Facebook page officers wrote yesterday (July 2): "The Southern Impact Team saw a dodgy car driving badly on Elizabeth Way today. The vehicle failed to stop and passenger (wearing sliders) ran from the car.

"He was chased and arrested, having thrown 2 large Class A drug bundles #OpRaptor #SlideBackToJail #BadFootwearChoice ."

Hair raising

Ten of the top unisex hairdressers in Cambridge

Suspected drug dealers were surely splitting hairs when they told police what they were up to after being stopped by police in Staffordshire Street, off East Road, Cambridge.

On June 30, officers posted on the Facebook page: "The Southern Impact Team arrested 2 males in a car on Staffordshire Street today after interrupting a suspected drug deal.

Staffordshire Street is off East Road, Cambridge (Image: Google)

"The suspected London dealers had cash, class A drugs and several phones, but claimed to be on the way to get a new hair cut #OpRaptor #badhairday #2096."

Snakes and ladders

Ladders (Image: Gretty)

Police stepped up operations in Huntingdon to make an arrest when they swooped on a flat.

The Facebook message said: "Yesterday (June 29) tRead More – Source