Cambridge cricketer ‘should be dead’ after having a heart attack on the pitch

A Cambridge cricketer who suffered a heart attack during a village game had admitted he "would be dead by now" if it wasn't for a defibrillator at the ground.

Phil Vasey, who plays for Histon IIIs, collapsed while batting for his side in their game at Wimblington on Saturday – only to be saved by a quick-thinking teammate and some spectators who shocked him back to life.

He was taken to the Royal Papworth Hospital after the incident before being released four days later and is now at home recovering.

“I have no recollection of what happened between trying for a run and waking up in the ambulance,” said Phil, a 62-year-old IT worker who lives in Whittlesford.

“I feel fantastic now, and I cant praise those who helped me highly enough. The stark reality is, if there hadnt been a defibrillator at the ground, I would be dead now.

“Its so important to have them not just at sports grounds, but everywhere really as it could have happened at any time, it wasnt caused by playing sport.”

He will not play again this season after being ordered to rest up, and will reassess over the winter whether or not to return to playing next summer.

Wimblington Cricket Club (Image: Warren Gunn)

In the meantime, he will go along to Longstanton Grasshoppers this Saturday (July 13), where Wimblington are playing, to pass on some more thanks.

Histon, who were nearing the end of their innings in the CCA Junior Three North game when the incident happened, closed on 206-5 from 40 overs, before bowling out Wimblington for 129 inside 36 overs to secure a 77-run win.

Team-mate Oz Christie said: “I was doing the scoring with Phil and we were moaning that nobody was getting any threes, so when we got in, Phil went for one and then suddenly collapsed.

“I called for the defibrillator straight away, but it was a team effort really. Two spectators ran over, and we were pretty lucky that they were trained in first aid.

“Phil was lying there blue, but as soon as the machine shocked him he was breathing again. Im not sure if it was life and death, but it was definitely the difference between permanent heart damage and not.

Oz Christie batting for Histon (Image: David Johnson)

“I would say defibrillators are absolutely essential at any sports ground. The emergency services were spectacular too, and once they took Phil away we carried on the game, as hed have been fuming if we hadnt.”

Histon captain Anthony Brolia added: “One thousand per cent evRead More – Source