Nando’s fans calling for a halal version in Cambridge

A petition to bring a halal Nandos to Cambridge is picking up steam online.

The petition, Halal Nandos – Cambridge, has received 362 signatures since being set up at the end of May.

But this is not just due to a love of peri peri chicken, but the overall lack of halal fast food available in the city.

The petition, started by Mohima Chowdhury, is calling for one of the three Cambridge branches of Nandos to transition to halal food.

Currently, 76 of the restaurant chains 435 branches serve halal chicken, with the nearest branches to Cambridge being in central London and Luton.

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"My life in Cambridge has been empty due to a lack of Nandos"

The online petition features comments from several disgruntled residents, wondering why the chain is yet to bring a halal restaurant to the city. user Harry Z commented: “It is absolutely preposterous that there is not a halal Nandos within Cambridge, this should be a priority!

“Having just merely Pepes as an option isnt good enough!”

User Salman Tahir said: “You are failing to cater to one of the oldest and longest standing groups of the Cambridge community.”

Dilwar Hussain commented on the petition: “Everyone needs to share this. Guys we really need more local options. We have the worlds first eco mosque.

“We the local community made that happen, so getting a decent place to eat should be a piece of cake just needs everyone to push this agenda.”

Syed Haroon added: “Cambridge always cherished diversity whether its academia or food and it would be good to have halal Nandos.”

On a more lighthearted note, Nazma Khan wrote: “I am signing this because I need Nandos in my life. My life in Cambridge has been empty due to a lack of Nandos.”

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What does Nando's say?

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