Apple Watch series 5 hands-on: Software is king

  • The Apple Watch series 5. Samuel Axon
  • The dial and other elements are all the same; this watch doesn't look different from its predecessor, unless you get new customization or materials options. Samuel Axon
  • The back. Samuel Axon
  • Speaking of new (or returning) materials, here's the Apple Watch series 5 in ceramic. Samuel Axon
  • Another angle on the ceramic edition. Samuel Axon
  • And here's titanium. Samuel Axon
  • The side in titanium. Samuel Axon
  • Here's a Hermes edition Apple Watch series 5. Samuel Axon
  • The Apple Watch series 5 running watchOS 6, with new watch face options. Samuel Axon
  • There's now a compass app. Samuel Axon
  • You can also add the compass to your watch face. Samuel Axon
  • The compass offers additional data when you scroll. Samuel Axon
  • Location data allows third-party apps like this stargazing app to function.
  • You can track ambient noise and get notifications if you're risking hearing damage. Samuel Axon
  • watchOS 6 brings an on-device App Store. (That'll come to older Apple Watches too, of course). Samuel Axon

CUPERTINO, Calif.—The Apple Watch is the most popular Watch in the world, at this point—and not just among smartwatches. And while it lags behind competitors in terms of some common features, it also offers plenty that other smartwatches don't. Apple is bringing one of the biggest missing features—an always-on display—to the Apple Watch series 5, which the company unveiled at its HQ during an event earlier today.

We spent a few minutes wearing the Watch and trying out its new customization options and features. You can find the photos above and our impressions below.

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