France braces for ‘Black Friday’ as Macrons government formally unveils pension reforms

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French hardline unions have called for a day of industrial action and mass demonstrations Friday as President Emmanuel Macrons plan to reform the countrys unwieldly pension system is presented to his cabinet.


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After a brief respite from a seven-week strike that extended over the Christmas period, French unions called for major shutdowns and demonstrations to show their “determination” to halt Macrons pension reform plan.

The call came as French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe presents the new plan instituting a "universal system" of point-based pensions to the cabinet Friday, before it is sent to the National Assembly, Frances lower house, where debates will begin February 17.

Demonstrators held torch-lit protests in Paris Thursday evening ahead of a “Black Friday” of strikes and shutdowns.

Frances hardline CGT union's leader, Philippe Martinez, warned that opposition to the pension reform “has not weakened” in an interview with the Public Sénat TV station, with polls showing that 61 percent of French people are calling for the reform to be withdrawn.

The CFE-CGC confederation of trade unions however declarRead More – Source