Microsoft releases new all-in-one Office app for iOS and Android

  • The homescreen in Microsoft Office for iOS. Samuel Axon
  • Pressing the add button brings up three options: Notes, Lens, and Documents. Samuel Axon
  • Selecting documents lets you pick from these options for Excel, Word, and PowerPoint documents. Samuel Axon
  • The other major feature at the top level in this app is Actions, which gives you quick access to common tasks on mobile devices like signing PDFs or scanning images to text. Samuel Axon
  • Here's the settings panel in Microsoft Office for iOS. Samuel Axon
  • Editing a Word document. Samuel Axon
  • Editing an Excel document. Samuel Axon
  • Editing a PowerPoint presentation. Samuel Axon
  • For all three document types, you can select from templates. Samuel Axon

Today, Microsoft launched the Microsoft Office app for iOS and Android. It combines PowerPoint, Word, and Excel into one application, and it adds a number of mobile-oriented features.

“This app maintains all the functionality of the existing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint mobile apps but requires far less phone storage thanRead More – Source