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Danube boat accident: Cruise ship captain goes on trial

A captain whose cruise ship collided with a small tour boat on the Danube, killing 28 people, has go..

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A captain whose cruise ship collided with a small tour boat on the Danube, killing 28 people, has gone on trial in the Hungarian capital, Budapest.

The small boat, carrying South Korean tourists, sank seven seconds after the collision during a rainstorm last May.

The Ukrainian captain of the Vikyn Sigyn cruise ship, named as Yuri Chaplinsky, denies wrongdoing.

He is charged with negligence leading to mass casualties and failing to help those in the water.

The disaster was the worst in over 50 years on the Danube, Europe's second-longest river.

Hungarian prosecutors told the court on Wednesday that Mr Chaplinsky, 64, had failed to pay sufficient attention and had not properly focused on steering the ship for several minutes during the downpour.

Prosecutor Miklos Novaki said he had had several minutes to slow or steer his ship to avoid the collision, Reuters news agency reported.

"He did not sense the Mermaid's presence, did not radio or send out emergency sound signals," Mr Novaki told the court.

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The Ukrainian rejected a proposed prosecution plea bargain of a nine-year prison sentence and a further nine-year ban on his boat licence.

He said he wanted a trial and did not comment further. Mr Chaplinsky worked on the river for more than 40 years, 30 of them as a boat captain.

He has already said he is devastated by what happened, but does not believe it was his fault.

In June, he was accused of deleting data from his phone following the crash. Prosecutors said it was unclear whether the deleted data was related to the incident.

How did the accident happen?

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