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Trump suspends US-Europe travel for 30 days over coronavirus fears; UK exempt

Issued on: 12/03/2020 – 02:15

Under pressure to act, President Donald Trump on Wednesday suspended..

By admin , in Health , at March 12, 2020

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Under pressure to act, President Donald Trump on Wednesday suspended all travel from Europe to the United States for 30 days starting on Friday in order to fight the coronavirus.


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Trump said the travel restrictions did not apply to the United Kingdom. He did not provide a list of countries but said simply the restrictions applied to all of Europe.

The president, who faces re-election in November, took the dramatic step in a somber Oval Office speech as he battles to address the health and economic shocks to Americans and responds to mounting criticism that he has underplayed the threat from the mushrooming coronavirus crisis.

“We are marshalling the full power of the federal government and the private sector to protect the American people," he said.

"This is the most aggressive and comprehensive effort to confront a foreign virus in modern history.”

As the U.S. stock market took another hit from the virus on Wednesday, Trump said he would take emergency action to Read More – Source