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Review: Killing Eve returns with a solid S3 premiere and an unexpected loss

Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer return for third season of BBC Americas Killing Eve.
The sexually charged ..

By admin , in Tech , at April 14, 2020

Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer return for third season of BBC Americas Killing Eve.

The sexually charged cat-and-mouse game between a serial killer and an MI6 agent picks up anew in the S3 premiere of Killing Eve, as Jodie Comer's Villanelle and Sandra Oh's titular Eve regroup from the fallout of their last brutal encounter. There's probably only so much drama you can milk out of their dysfunctional obsession with each other after this season, but judging by the premiere episode, we're in for another wild ride.

(Spoilers for first two seasons below; mild spoilers for first S3 episode.)

Based on Luke Jennings' series of thriller novellas, Codename Villanelle, Killing Eve features a self-described psychopathic killer for hire named Villanelle (Comer), who is so good at her job that she frankly starts to be a bit reckless with her assassinations, much to the consternation of her handler, Konstantin (Kim Bodnia). Her string of corpses catches the attention of an MI5 officer named Eve Polastri (Oh), who is obsessed with female killers and correctly guesses there is a new player among their ranks. Eve's insight earns her a spot on a top-secret MI6 team led by Carolyn Martens (Fiona Shaw).

The strangely perverse attraction the two women feel toward each other drives the dramatic tension in Killing Eve, leading to a sexually charged cat-and-mouse game where it's not entirely clear who is the predator and who is the prey. Each sees a bit of herself in the other—and that naturally causes serious conflict between Eve and her long-suffering husband, Niko (Owen McDonnell). The first season ended with a bona fide cliffhanger: when the two women finally meet, they curl up on Villanelle's bed for what the killer thinks will be a romantic interlude. Eve stabs her with a knife and flees, leaving Villanelle to bleed out (or so she thinks).

The second-season opener finds Villanelle in a Paris hospital as Eve unsuccessfully tries to find her, before being called back to London to rejoin her MI6 team to track a new female serial killer, nicknamed the Ghost. Eventually, Villanelle and Eve join forces to find out what tech-company heir Aaron Peel (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) has to do with the string of assassinations. And in the season finale, Villanelle manipulates Eve into making her first kill. When Eve is horrified rather than elated by the act—they are not, as Villanelle believes, entirely "the same"—the assassin takes her revenge, shooting Eve amid Roman ruins and leaving her for dead.

  • One of these clowns is a serial killer/assassin in disguise. YouTube/BBC America
  • This child is about to feel genuine terror. YouTube/BBC America
  • Let it out, Villanelle. Breakups are hard. YouTube/BBC America
  • At least she has palatial new digs. YouTube/BBC America
  • Dasha (Harriet Walter) is Villanelle's former Russian mentor. YouTube/BBC America
  • A tense standoff. YouTube/BBC America
  • Hahaha! Just kidding! YouTube/BBC America
  • Villanelle has lost none of her kooky-chic style YouTube/BBC America
  • Posing as a piano tuner, perhaps? YouTube/BBC America
  • Nobody notices lowly maintenance workers. YouTube/BBC America
  • Posing as law enforcement to make a quick getaway. YouTube/BBC America
  • The perfect bad breakup outfit. YouTube/BBC America
  • Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) tells Villanelle that Eve is still alive. YouTube/BBC America
  • Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) tells Eve that Villanelle is back. YouTube/BBC America
  • Taking in the news. YouTube/BBC America
  • Definitely time to change that shirt, Eve. YouTube/BBC America
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