Apple plans to introduce over-the-ear headphones with replaceable parts this year

  • These are Apple's AirPods Pro, the first Apple-branded headphones to offer noise cancellation. The new over-ear headphones would as well. Jeff Dunn
  • Apple's AirPods (left) and AirPods Pro. Jeff Dunn
  • The case for AirPods Pro. Jeff Dunn
  • The charging port for AirPods Pro. Jeff Dunn
  • AirPods Pro inside an open case. Jeff Dunn
  • The other side of the case. Jeff Dunn
  • Apple's AirPods. Jeff Dunn

Bloombergs Mark Gurman and Debby Wu have penned yet another report revealing inside information on Apples product plans, citing people familiar with the matter. Todays report is all about headphones: Apple is developing over-ear headphones and plans to introduce them later this year.

According to Bloombergs sources, Apple is developing two versions of the headphones. One would be fitness-oriented, with breathable materials and perforations, similar in some respects to fitness-focused Apple Watch bands and accessories. The other would aim for a premium feel, with “leather-like fabrics.” Interestingly, the sources claim that Apple will make some components of these headphones modular. The headband padding and ear pads are attached to the headphones with magnets and are replaceable.

Thats obviously important because earpads are sometimes the first part of high-end headphones to go and need replacing, but also because it opens up opportunities for users to buy and install aesthetic customizations. IRead More – Source