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Two months of Covid-19 lockdown will cost France €120 billion, report says

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Frances nearly two-month-long coronaviru..

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Frances nearly two-month-long coronavirus lockdown is expected to cost the country some €120 billion in lost revenue while “forced savings” are estimated to reach €55 billion, the state-funded French Economic Observatory said on Monday.


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“During the lockdown, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was cut by 32 percent, corresponding to five points of GDP for the whole of 2020,” the state-funded French Economic Observatory (OFCE) wrote.

The observatory went on to say that “almost 60 percent of the drop in national income was absorbed by public administrations” and 35 percent by businesses. France's economic recovery depends on how much the French spend once lockdown is lifted, it said.

However, although the French are expected to have shored up €55 billion in so-called forced savings during the planned March 17 to May 11 lockdown period – meaning they will have spent less than they earned – they are not expected to spend these savings "completely or rapidly" once lockdown is lifted given the continuing uncertainties over Covid-19.

The €120 billion gap in lost revenue will therefore not be off-set anytime soon.

On Monday, Frances labour ministry said that 9.6 million French people, or one in about seven, had been forced into partial unemployment due to Covid-19, meaning they receive around 84 percent of their net salary paid for by the government.

Last week, Frances Budget Minister Gérald Darmanin said the countrys 2020 budget deficit is expected to hit a Read More – Source