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Allergy Therapeutics welcomes academic paper’s endorsement of adjuvant technology

Allergy Therapeutics PLC (LON:AGY) has welcomed the publication of an academic paper endorsing the a..

By admin , in Cambridge , at April 22, 2020

Allergy Therapeutics PLC (LON:AGY) has welcomed the publication of an academic paper endorsing the approach it has taken in using adjuvant technology for allergy immunotherapies.

The paper, “State-of-the-art in marketed adjuvants and formulations in Allergen Immunotherapy: a position paper of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI)”, in the journal Allergy, was written by an independent taskforce of EAACI members and co-authored by the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut.

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It includes a review of adjuvants and formulations currently used in marketed allergy immunotherapies.

The AIM-listed allergy vaccines specialist said adjuvant technology, which can create immunotherapies that act faster and more efficiently than traditional therapies, is a key element of its strategy.

Through its Bencard Adjuvant Systems division, the group has long-term partners requiring its patented platform of adjuvant technologies in areas outside allergy.

Two adjuvants used by Allergy Therapeutics in its immunotherapies – MPL and MCT – were included in the review, with the taskforce acknowledging each as safe and effective.

The report's authors stated: “At present, and since its introduction into AIT in 1970, there are no specific safety concerns known for MCT. It can be anticipated that this fully biodegradable adjuvant will also in future studies not reveal side effects.”

“Overall, adherence is a severe problem in all of the currently marketed allergen immunotherapy products, underlining the need for optimising AIT with novel adjuvants and enhanced efficacy towards true vaccine concepts,” the authors concluded.

The review recognised the importance of adjuvants in improving the insufficient adherence among patientRead More – Source