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US Supreme Court sidesteps NY case that could have expanded gun rights

Issued on: 27/04/2020 – 17:14Modified: 27/04/2020 – 17:14

The Supreme Court sidestepped a major de..

By admin , in USA , at April 27, 2020

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The Supreme Court sidestepped a major decision on gun rights Monday in a dispute over New York Citys former ban on transporting guns.


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The justices threw out a challenge from gun rights groups. It ruled that the citys move to ease restrictions on taking licensed, locked and unloaded guns outside the city limits, coupled with a change in state law to prevent New York from reviving the ban, left the court with nothing to decide. The court asked a lower court to consider whether the citys new rules still pose problems for gun owners.

The anti-climactic end to the Supreme Court case is a disappointment to gun rights advocates and relief to gun control groups who thought a conservative Supreme Court majority fortified by two appointees of President Donald Trump, Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, might use the case to expand on landmark decisions from a decade ago that established a right to keep a gun at home for self-defense.

But other guns cases remain in the high courts pipeline and the justices could decide to hear one or more of those next term.

Although the opinion was unsigned, the court was split, 6-3, over the outcome.

Gorsuch joined Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas in dissenting from the dismissal. Kavanaugh wrote a brief concurring opinion in which he agreed with the result, but also said the court should take up another gun case soRead More – Source