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Google details new AirPods-style Bluetooth upgrades for Android

The existing Fast Pair system. Just pop open your headphone case and you'll get a pairing notif..

By admin , in Tech , at April 29, 2020

  • The existing Fast Pair system. Just pop open your headphone case and you'll get a pairing notification. Google
  • The Bluetooth screen can show detailed information about your headphones, like pictures, settings, and battery info for the case. Google
  • Find My Device will let you ring your headphones. Google

Google finally started shipping the second-generation Pixel Buds, and with them came a slew of new features for Android's Bluetooth stack.

The 2nd-gen Pixel Buds are Google's first truly wireless headphones, and they are finally on sale for $179 in the US. They were announced a whopping six months ago at Google's annual hardware event, alongside the Pixel 4, Pixelbook Go, and Nest Wi-Fi. They have an always-on Google Assistant, a charging case, and no active noise cancellation.

Fine, fine. What's far more interesting are the new Bluetooth features Google is enabling for all Android phones running Android 6.0 and up. These are all quality-of-life features that copy existing Apple Airpods features, but Google is partnering with other headphone manufacturers, too, bringing better Bluetooth to the wider ecosystem. The first company to take Google up on the offer is Harman Kardon (a division of Samsung Electronics) for the Harman Kardon Fly.

First, the headphones will appear in Google's "Find My Device" app, and you'll be able to easily locate them with the same features that exist for phones. You'll be able to make the headphones ring so you can locate them nearby, or, for farther away searches, you'll soon be able to view their last known location on a map. Google specifically mentions this being for "the app," but hopefully the headphones will show up on the Read More – Source