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Lockdown: Britons FURIOUS as ‘selfish’ protestors flout

BRITONS reacted furiously after senseless anti-lockdown protesters gathered in London where they flo..

By admin , in London , at May 3, 2020

BRITONS reacted furiously after senseless anti-lockdown protesters gathered in London where they flouted social distancing measures.

Certain members of the public gathered outside New Scotland Yard on Saturday where they began to hug each other and held placards expressing their defiance to the coronavirus lockdown measures. Despite the lockdown measures being in place to try and protect lives and the NHS, the group gathered together where they repeated the slogan, ‘hug someone save lives’. Following their protest, Express readers spoke of their outrage for those members of the public who have flouted the essential social distancing measures.

Commenting on the protests, Debby Boulton said: “Take them on a tour of the ICU departments with full PEP and dont let them take it if for 12 hours.

“Or perhaps they could help out in the hospital mortuary. Perhaps then they may go home.”

Ange Humphries said: “This is the reason why so many people are dying.”

“What is wrong with these people.”

Another person said: “When they are infected they will need the NHS staff, exactly the people that the lockdown is meant to protect!”

“Braindead and selfish. Could be committing manslaughter in a roundabout way if a medic dies after treating them.”

Terry Parson said: “The only way these idiots would learn a lesson is if them or a member of their family catch it, then maybe their view might be a little bit different.”

The anger over the protests come in a week where the Government has confirmed the UK has passed its peak in terms of the coronavirus.

Although the UK has passed its peak, there is fear among officials that lifting social distancing measures could cause a second peak in the virus.

Speaking on Saturday, England’s deputy chief medical officer, Dr Jenny Harries said the Government’s five tests must be met before restrictions can be lifted.

The tests are: to stop the NHS from being overwhelmed, to keep a maintained drop in death rates, to show that the rate of infections was decreasing, to make sure there is enough Personal Protective Equipment and to stop a second wave of the virus overwhelming the NHS.

At the press briefing, Ms Harries said the fifth test would now be the most crucial for the UK moving forward.

She said: “We have to be confident that any of the adjustments to the current measures which have worked so well.

“We need to be very carefully adjusted in order that we do not risk a second peak of infections that overwhelmed the NHS.”

This comes as the UK’s death toll rose by 621 in the last 24 hours.

The UK’s death toll now stands at 28,131 while there are 182,260 – up 4,806 in the last 24 hours.

Communities Secretary, Robert Jenrick also said there had been 1,129,907 tests.

After surpassing the 100,000 mark the Government revealed there had been 105,937 tests on Friday.

Next week, Boris Johnson will set out his plans to take the Uk out of the first phase of the virus.


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