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Londoners ‘dreading’ getting back on the London Underground

The last few weeks have been about locking down, staying in our homes and doing as much as possible ..

By admin , in London , at May 4, 2020

The last few weeks have been about locking down, staying in our homes and doing as much as possible to prevent the spread of coronavirus and support the NHS as it tries to battle this disease.

We aren’t out of this yet, but as time goes on people are beginning to think about what life is going to be like in the future.

Life may not go back exactly to what it was before the outbreak for a very long time. Social distancing rules will likely be in place for a while, as will bans on big public gatherings and flocking to the pub.

However, the country will slowly start opening up again in terms of businesses and schools – we may not know when yet, but it will happen.

This means many Londoners will need to venture onto public transport after a couple of months having not set foot on it at all.

While the government has asked that anyone who can avoid public transport – for example by walking or cycling to work – to please do so, there will be many workers for who this just isn’t possible.

So how do Londoners feel about getting back on the Tube?

People revealed their feelings in a recent Reddit post after someone asked the question.

“Honestly? I’m f****** dreading it. Just the idea of being on the Jubilee line gives me the sweats right now,” said one person.

Another person who uses the Central and Metropolitan lines said they were equally worried about getting back on the Underground.

“I’m Central and Met and I remember feeling extremely vulnerable before lockdown and that’s only gotten worse over the past few weeks.”

Another said they were happy their place of work has told them to remain working from home over summer.

When they eventually go back, they said they’re “tempted to bike to work” but they’ve “only just started riding again and still feeling a bit uncomfortable on busy streets”.

But it shows they would really rather avoid the Tube.

“I’m one of the lucky ones working from home, and will probably continue to do so for the next few months,” another person began.

“But I am certain I will get sick as soon as I hop on the tube, whether it’s Covid 19 or the common cold. Being asthmatic is not a lot of fun.”

Some people even went further saying this lockdown has made them realise how much they didn’t like commuting on the Underground in general, even without the risk of the virus.

“I’d like to never have to step into an office anymore if possible. I am perfectly content working from home and commuting even 20-30 mins on the tube was terrible,” said one person.

“If I could work from home all the time to avoid the Central, I’d do it everyday,” said another, who is clearly not a fan of the Central line.

Then there’s the person who is planning to never go on the Tube again.

They said: “I’m honestly planning to buy a motorbike.

“We have parking underneath the office and it’ll cost me about as much to run per month as my zones 1-6 tube ticket costs, so…”