Covid-19: German high school tests students twice a week

Issued on: 30/05/2020 – 11:40Modified: 30/05/2020 – 11:41

As schools in Germany reopen in the wake of a lockdown imposed to stem the spread of Covid-19, students at one high school are checked twice a week for symptoms of the virus. FRANCE 24 reports from Neustrelitz in northern Germany.


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At a high school in Neustreltiz, northern Germany, coming back to class means coming in for a test.

Twice a week students at a high school in Neustrelitz are checked for Covid-19 – in the very same building that they study in. Its not fun for the students but they find it reassuring.

“Thanks to the test, I am not endangering anyone. My family can also get checked, which is important,” said one student.

The test is free and the results come byRead More – Source