Slay the Spire, the decades best deckbuilding game, coming to iOS in June

Slay the Spire's success story is a remarkable one. As one of thousands of games to land on Steam in 2017, this fusion of roguelite progression and "deckbuilding" mechanics, made by a heretofore unknown development team out of Seattle, managed to become a phenomenon due entirely to word-of-mouth. The game has since surpassed its "2.0" milestone and climbed the download charts on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Yet the game has stayed an arm's length away from smartphone platforms this whole time, in spite of being built primarily using libGDX, a flexible, open source development framework with smartphone-specific hooks. That changes this month, as the development team at MegaCrit ironically used its Steam community page on Wednesday to announce Slay the Spire's next platform: iOS.

  • iOS screenshot: Slay the Spire's hero selection expands as you complete more "runs" of the game. MegaCrit
  • iOS screenshot: Dragging and dropping cards to attack and defend looks simple enough in this touchscreen sample.
  • PC screenshot: For a game that revolves around turn-based card combat, Slay the Spire can look quite entrancing in action.
  • PC screenshot: You'll need to build a proper deck to survive the game's tougher stretches. Your inventory of attacks, buffs, and heals is subject to a deck's shuffling, but you can still add, augment, and delete cards to try and maximize your adventuring potential.
  • PC screenshot: Tough fight ahead.
  • PC screenshot: Win a big battle, receive big cards for your deck.

The game's first smartphone port will launch at $9.99 "this month," according to the developers at MegaCrit, with an exact date likely coming during the upcoming Guerrilla Collective game reveal stream, currently scheduled for June 6-8. ("You should try to tune in" on the event's first day, June 6, according to MegaCrit's latest update.)

That price will include every single feature included in the game's existing versions on PCs and consoles—with MegaCrit acknowledging, via a joke about "anime mods," that it won't include Steam Workshop features. Though the post acknowledges plans for an Android port, MegaCrit wasn't ready to estimate when fans should expect that one; "we took the decision to launch tRead More – Source