Even amidst a pandemic, SpaceX is launching more than ever

  • Falcon 9 leaps off SLC-40 Tuesday with the 3rd GPS-III satellite for the United States Space Force / Air Force. Trevor Mahlmann
  • This is the first time the United States Space Force logo has graced the SpaceX Falcon 9 payload fairing. Trevor Mahlmann
  • The gray stripe at the bottom of the second stage is to keep the RP-1 fuel warm enough during longer coast periods. Trevor Mahlmann
  • Falcon 9 B1060.1 standing vertically on LC-40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in advance of the GPS-III SV03 launch for the United States Air Force. Trevor Mahlmann
  • A close-up of the number "60" atop the first stage of Falcon 9. Trevor Mahlmann
  • The number 60 also graces the bottom of the first stage, but this is much more challenging to see on subsequent flights due to the soot buildup. Trevor Mahlmann
  • This new booster, 1060, will add to the fleet of used rockets SpaceX has available. Trevor Mahlmann
  • Clouds make for a nice launch. Trevor Mahlmann
  • The Falcon 9 rocket's performance was nominal. Trevor Mahlmann
  • How many more launches will this first stage make? Trevor Mahlmann
  • SpaceX has launched the Falcon 9 rocket 88 times. Trevor Mahlmann

On Tuesday SpaceX launched its 11th Falcon 9 rocket of the year—with a brand-new first stage delivering a 3.7-ton GPS III satellite into orbit for improved navigation services. The mission's customer, the US Space ForcRead More – Source