COVID-19 cases rise in 36 English local authority areas, with Knowsley seeing biggest increase

The number of COVID-19 cases has gone up in 36 local authority areas in England.

Knowsley, Bolton, and Hammersmith and Fulham experienced the biggest increases in the rate per 100,000 people.

In Knowsley, Merseyside, the rate of infection has gone up from 6 people per 100,000 to 20/100,000.

In Bolton, which is part of Greater Manchester, the rate has increased from 16/100,000 to 23 and in Hammersmith and Fulham, west London, the rate has changed from 6/100,000 to 12.

In all but one of the 36 authority areas, the rate has increased by less than 10/100,000.


The figures from Public Health England cover the week up to 28 June, and are compared with the week before.

The increase has been one or less than one per 100,000 population in 10 upper tier local authorities.

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Sky's Laura Bundock writes:

Although 36 areas have seen an increase in the number of cases, this does not mean they are the next candidates for local lockdowns.

There will though be careful analysis locally to try and establish what is happening.

If you look at the four areas with the highest rates; Leicester, Bradford, Barnsley and Rochdale, the curve of cases is stabilising or heading downwards.

What these figures show is the need for real-time, demographically detailed data. That way, any area with an increase in cases can better identify and pinpoint them. Which in turn, can prevent small outbreaks escalating into second spikes.

The latest figures show the results of testing for coronavirus under what is known as pillar 1 and 2 tests.

Previously, the government only made public the results of what is known as pillar 1 tests.

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