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Update Windows 10 to fix an annoying bug that stops you opening any documents

Microsoft has pushed out a new update to Windows 10 users across the world that fixes a whole host of issues…

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Microsoft has pushed out a new update to Windows 10 users across the world that fixes a whole host of issues – including one particularly frustrating bug that prevented any documents on your desktop from opening. Given that millions of us continue to work and study from home due to the ongoing public health crisis, this bug – which impacted documents from all kinds of applications, including Word and Excel – was especially grating for users. Although the latest patch from Microsoft, known as KB459829, is completely optional, we’d highly recommend that you install it as soon as possible.

Following the update, you should be able to save documents to your desktop and then double-click to open them as normal. And that’s not all.

Elsewhere the download also fixes an issue with the handy Alt-Tab shortcut. This bug would prevent users from scrolling through different applications as the hotkey was intended to do.

The new Windows 10 download addresses other issues too, including one problem where duplicate folders from cloud providers like Dropbox.

KB459829 also fixes another bug that could have caused Windows 10 users a fair bit of alarm. This bug, which now thankfully has been fixed, resulted in blank lock screens appearing after a device awoke from hibernation. When this kicks in it could have led to PC users thinking there was a more serious problem at fault with their machine.

The release of this comprehensive new patch was reported on by Forbes.

If you want to download this patch simply go to the Windows 10 search bar and type in ‘update’. You will then need to open the Windows Update option and search for updates.

Those looking to download KB459829 may also need to download prior updates to it, depending on when you last updated your PC. If you’re a Windows 10 user that has been left frustrated by previous updates which have caused bugs there is some good and bad news for you in 2021.

The good news is that Microsoft’s in-the-works new Windows 10X OS is meant to significantly improve how Windows updates work.

According to Microsoft, Windows 10X will be able to install updates in less than 90 seconds and only requires one reboot. This is due to the way that Windows 10X handles OS components such as drivers and apps.