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Anger at post-lockdown scenes of shoppers filling the streets of Cambridge

Images of Cambridge’s streets full of people making the most of an easing of lockdown restrictions prompted a furious response….

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Images of Cambridge’s streets full of people making the most of an easing of lockdown restrictions prompted a furious response.

On Monday, outdoor hospitality and non-essential retail reopened as part of the second stage of lockdown easing, along with indoor gyms, swimming pools, nail salons and zoos. People wasted no time in returning to some level of normality after 14 weeks of restrictions.

But not everyone was happy to see images of people queuing to get into their favourite stores.

While there was no suggestion people were not socially distancing, Adderbury49 took exception to the crowds and posted in the comments section of the article: “Let’s hope we don’t see another surge in a few weeks time. Don’t they realise social distancing rules still apply?”

CambridgeMover agreed: “Everyone loves going shopping and eating out in Cambridge but are the people of Cambridge and beyond so stupid and thoughtless of people working in the NHS and every care organisation around to stop and think before they all gather together, its so daft, yes you may have had the jab but who knows whether it will really protect you and looking at the photos No one is 2 metres away from the next person. Lets just hope that there will not be another Lockdown!”

Another story which got readers talking this week was Cambridge Police’s decision to published an image appearing to show officers issuing a 48-hour dispersal order to a rough sleeper in Cambridge city centre.

In the social media post, police said the order was designed to tackle “ongoing anti-social behaviour including aggressive begging, street drinking and violence”.

The order allows officers to remove people from the city centre during a certain time period.

Chonk posted in the comments section: “Having lived in Cambridge my whole life and now living in Essex for last 5 years, I came back for a day trip. Was shocked at how things had changed. Rough sleepers fast asleep on mattresses with all the bedding on a Saturday afternoon in town.

“No need for daytime sleepers, town really gone downhill since I left. We need to be aware and help homeless folk but they won’t make any money on the beg sleeping out of town.”