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Google IO 2021: what time does it start, and how to watch online for free

Google IO 2021 kickstarts today, Tuesday May 18, 2021. The annual developer conference is making a comeback after skipping last year…

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Google IO 2021 kickstarts today, Tuesday May 18, 2021. The annual developer conference is making a comeback after skipping last year due to global pandemic. Unlike previous Google IO conferences, everything is being streamed online this time around. As coronavirus is still spreading like wildfire in many parts of the world, Google has opted not to hold an in-person event with audiences, briefings, and all the usual events.

The advantage of this online-only approach is that anyone can now tune in to watch the all-important Google IO 2021 opening keynote – or any of the events lined up during the schedule.

The opening keynote, usually hosted by CEO Sundar Pitchai, sees Google roll-out the biggest consumer announcements. For example, if Google has a new Pixel smartphone or Google Nest smart speaker up its sleeve – it’s during that first presentation that we’ll see it.

You can tune into the Google IO 2021 keynote, which kicks off at 6pm BST today, by heading to the official Google YouTube channel. You can also watch a live stream of the Google IO 2021 keynote by clicking on the video embedded in this article.

You can also head to the official Google IO 2021 website to watch any of the scheduled events for free. Of course, Express.co.uk will have all of the latest news as soon as it breaks, so you should keep checking back here too.

On the Google IO website, the search engine giant said: “This year, Google I/O is free – even the content that needs to be reserved – making the experience inclusive and accessible for everyone.”

While you don’t need to register to watch content like the Keynotes, Google advises developers to sign up to get “the most” out of the event.

The Mountain View firm said: “Keynotes, Sessions, and other learning experiences such as Codelabs will be accessible to everyone on our event website. However, you get much more out of the Google I/O experience when you register, including access to Workshops, Ask Me Anything Sessions (AMAs), personalised content, and live Q&A during Sessions. You also gain the ability to chat in I/O Adventure, earn Google Developer profile badges, and can build and save your schedule.”

They also added: “Registration is not required to watch the Keynotes, but developers are encouraged to register to get the most from the rest of the I/O experience, including a chance to interact with Googlers live and ask questions. See “what does registration include” for more details. After the event, Keynotes and Sessions will be available on YouTube.”

To register for Google IO 2021 you will need to sign in to your Google account and then answer some questions.

If you’re wondering what the schedule is for Google IO 2021 then here’s the times for some of the big opening day events…


• Google I/O Keynote – 6pm UK time

• Developer Keynote – 8pm UK time

• What’s new in Android – 9pm UK time

• What’s new in Google Play – 10pm UK time