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Plusnet confirms email login error for some broadband customers: Fix planned for today

Hundreds of Plusnet customers continue to complain about a glitch that has left them unable to check their email address,…

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Hundreds of Plusnet customers continue to complain about a glitch that has left them unable to check their email address, which is provided for free to all Plusnet customers with its broadband. The error only impacts Plusnet email addresses, there are no known issues with Plusnet’s broadband or phone services, so customers should have no issue getting online, making video calls, streaming Netflix, or calling friends and family. Plusnet has acknowledged that its email service is down, and engineers at the company at already working on a fix.

However, it seems that a final fix for the problem won’t arrive until this morning, the company promised.

Plusnet first acknowledged the issue yesterday, Wednesday November 10, around 7.56am this morning, promising that a fix would be on the way soon. However, a few hours later, it shared some bad news via its Server Status page – which is used to highlight any known issues with the online service, it confirmed that the solution was taking longer than expected. It confirmed: “We’re really sorry but its taking a little longer than we expected to fix the issue. We’re working hard to get it resolved as quickly as possible.”

Soon after that, a spokesperson told Express.co.uk that tomorrow was the soonest that some Plusnet customers could expect to check their email.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, a representation from Plusnet said: “Some customers are unable to access their Plusnet email at the moment. We’ve identified what’s causing this, and we’re working to fix this as quickly as possible. We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused. Some of this work will be competed overnight, to avoid any additional disruption, and we expect affected customers to be able to access their Plusnet email account by tomorrow morning. Plusnet broadband and mobile services are not affected.”

Throughout the day, the official Twitter account, @Plusnet, has responded to a number of disgruntled customers. It posted: “Some customers are having problems logging in their email and we’re working quickly to resolve the issue. Plusnet broadband, mobile services are not affected and we’re sorry for the inconvenience caused.”

Plusnet’s email service can be accessed online via a web portal at webmail.plus.net/ but the email can also be added to third-party applications, like Mail on iPhone, iPad and Mac, Microsoft Outlook, and Mozilla Thunderbird.

DownDetector, an independent website that monitors the performance of web apps by tracking mentions across social media, has reported a spike in complaints about the Plusnet email service. According to its data, more than 500 people are complaining about the broken inbox every minute in the UK. The issue appears to have first cropped up around 7am this morning, slowly building throughout the morning.