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Already a BT broadband customer? Don’t worry, you can still enjoy the Black Friday sales

If you’re only halfway through your current broadband contract, Black Friday can be a lonely time. The majority of the…

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If you’re only halfway through your current broadband contract, Black Friday can be a lonely time. The majority of the UK’s biggest internet suppliers unleash their biggest broadband savings of the year – with huge discounts available to those who sign-up for a new deal. Of course, if you’ve still got months to go before you’re allowed to renegotiate your contract or able to switch to a different provider, it can be frustrating looking at faster speeds than you’re currently able to use – at smaller prices than your current Direct Debit. Thankfully, BT has tried to solve that irritation for its customers.

If you’re already a BT broadband customer, the company has a number of bespoke Black Friday deals available for you. First up, the bad news: you’re not going to be able to reduce the monthly bills you’re already paying. Whatever you’re paying at the moment is going to stay the same.

However, if you’re not happy with the download speeds you’re getting from your current broadband bundle, BT offers a way to unlock faster speeds. Since it’s Black Friday, existing customers will be able to sign-up to BT broadband’s speedier broadband plans for less than new customers. “Pay less than a new customer,” BT promises under each of its deals. That’s brilliant as it means you won’t have to wait until the end of your minimum term contract to get speedier downloads.

Of course, taking advantage of any of these deals does mean you’ll be signed up to a new contact. If you’re only a few months away from the end of your minimum term, it might be worth waiting a little longer.

While these deals are cheaper than new customers are able to access, there might be deals from other providers that could save you more money, or offer faster speeds (after all, BT tops-out at 900Mbps compared to the 1,000Mbps available from Virgin Media and 3Gbps available from Community Fibre and some smaller full-fibre rivals) that you won’t be able to access for years if you sign-up to a new contract with BT again.

If you only recently joined the company, this is a great way to boost your speeds at a discount price without really adding much extra time to your contract.