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Heathrow airport grounds planes after drone sighting

London Heathrow airport halted departures for a short period Tuesday evening in response to a drone ..


The Cradle of Open Access: Rising Star digs for more than fossils with its work

The cover of the National Geographic edition that will feature the new species. Mark Thiessen/Nation..


Verizon and T-Mobile bash AT&T over ‘fake 5G’ – CNET

AT&T's rivals say the company's '5G E' service is misleading since it's rea..


Gwyneth Paltrow, 46, reveals early menopause left her furious for no reason

Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow has revealed shes starting to see signs of the early menopause. The ..


Microsoft continues its quest to embrace every developer with Visual Studio 2019

Enlarge / Visual Studio 2019 has a new icon; the left one for the release version, the right one for..


Flight turns around after human heart left on board

A flight from Seattle to Dallas was forced to turn back after a human heart was left on board. The..


Bandersnatch: The spoiler-filled, choose-your-own-opinion review

You need a compatible device (modern mobile phones, laptops, smart TVs) to watch Bandersnatch. That ..


McLaren’s next Longtail coming on Jan. 16 – Roadshow

Top-exit exhausts. Swoon. McLaren McLaren's Longtail cars bring substantial improvements ov..


US college sex claims: Plans to boost rights of accused

The rights of those accused of sexual assault and harassment at US colleges are to be boosted under ..


Trump’s asylum ban for illegal entrants halted by judge

A federal judge has ruled Donald Trump cannot prevent asylum being granted to people illegally enter..