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Search engine giant Baidu is unfazed by Google’s potential return to China

The chief executive of domestic Chinese search engine Baidu has said he is prepared to take on Googl..


Research reveals exactly which sex acts make us the most nervous

(Picture: Ella Byworth for The only kind of nervousness that belongs in the bedroom is ..


European leaders to start discussing post-Brexit relationship to UK

Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, said on Friday that EU leaders would begin internal ..


British Actresses Plan Red Carpet Blackout at BAFTA Awards to Protest Sex Abuse

LONDON (AP) — Almost 200 British female entertainment stars called for an international movement to ..


All the best Black Friday deals on iPads from Apple, Argos, John Lewis and more

(Picture: Justin Sullivan/Getty) We may curse Black Friday as an American tradition that’s ferreted ..


Torn penis: What to do if you snap your frenulum (your banjo string)

(Picture: Larry Washburn/Getty) If you are a musician who is having problems with their banjo – I’m ..